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Love freebies and rewards? Explore the benefits of joining IGA Rewards

If you’ve been inside an IGA lately, you’ll probably notice you may have been asked to swipe your IGA Rewards card, but what is this card and what are the benefits?

IGA offers a fantastic loyalty card with plenty of great offers, deals and options for customers. We outline a few benefits below and why you might consider signing up for a free card next time you’re in your favourite Spano’s IGA store.

What is IGA Rewards all about?

The benefits of IGA Rewards cards are plentiful, offering you the ability to earn points each and every time you shop in store. Benefits include:

• Member Specials – we offer special prices on everyday items at your local IGA

• Automatic Entry – IGA Rewards customers gain instant access to prize draws exclusively for Rewards members

• Travel Deals – gain access to member-only exclusive travel deals.

• Personalised offers – special offers straight to your inbox directly from IGA so you can save every time you shop.

How do I earn IGA Rewards points and increase my balance?

Once you sign up for a loyalty card that is connected with your favourite IGA store, you can start swiping your card each time you shop to earn points.

You will collect a minimum of 1 Rewards point for every dollar you spend.

At times we will run points boosters whereby you can collect extra points, for instance, an offer to collect points on particular products or an offer to collect points on your whole shop. So be sure to check out your local store for special Rewards promotions!

How do I collect Rewards points?

When shopping in-store at Spano’s IGA, you need to scan or tap your Rewards Card – either your physical card or a digital card – at the checkout prior to the conclusion of the transaction.

If you do not scan or tap your Rewards Card at the checkout before the transaction is finalised, you will not collect points on that shop.

Remember, the store you sign up IGA Rewards with is the store you will receive offers about and enter competitions with.

Ready to get rewarded while you shop at Spano’s IGA? Just ask for a rewards card in store today, then register your card and details on this website to get going.