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Gatton stores quiet hour showcased in the latest edition of the conversation

Each Tuesday between 10 am and 11 am, Spano’s IGA Gatton store is transformed into a low sensory shopping experience for customers.

For one hour per week, shopping can be enjoyed with dimmer lighting/scanners, no music or PA system, all to assist people with special needs / sensory issues.

Quiet hour is intended to make retail spaces more inclusive or sensory-friendly

Spano’s IGA Gatton is proud to offer this experience to customers with sensory needs or who just want to enjoy their shop in a quieter environment.

Well done to store manager Jason and the team for embracing and getting behind this community initiative.

Helping to make retail spaces more comfortable for all

*switch automatic doors to open

* pause collection of trolleys

* turn off the PA and music fix flickering lights and turn off as much lighting as practicable

* remove scented reeds and pause automatic scent dispensers

* switch off hand dryers

* turn down the volume on checkout scanners.

To find out more, we welcome customers to get in touch with our Gatton store or pop in and enjoy the serenity during your next shop. Read the full article here .